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    Web pages (2000)

    I have developed an Access database (the back-end is currently in Access but soon to be migrated to SQL server). There are many different forms that go with the database. Until now all the users have been located at head office, however we now wish to roll the database out to our regional staff. For this we want to use web pages. I don't want to spend months learning a new programming language, but just wondered if there is any software out there that I should be able to pick up fairly easily that will enable me to give database access to the remote users? I know access itself creates web pages, but are they any good?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    Re: Web pages (2000)

    If you want to minimise redesign, you could give the remote users a local copy of the frontend database, and use Terminal Services to connect to the backend (Access or SQL Server). See the threads starting at <post:=550,329>post 550,329</post:> and <post:=448,009>post 448,009</post:>.

    <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile> posted some links in <post:=366,446>post 366,446</post:> that may be useful if you decide to use Data Access Pages. DAPs are pretty limited, by the way; not many Loungers use them. ASP (and offer much more flexibility, but that'd require you to learn it and to design a web interface from scratch - you wouldn't be able to use your Access forms.

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