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    Image PArtial Displaying (2002 SP3)

    I have an internal customer who pastes alot of printscreens into her document (creating documentation). The problem is that when she pastes a printscreen into the document the image does not display completely. She has to minimize and then maximize before the whole image displays, But when she tried to tyoe text near the image it disappears again. Neither tech support nor I have been able to duplicate the probelm using her document. Her pc is a Dell D610 laptop (brand new; 1 Gb); win xp sp1 (I think).

    Could this be a graphics driver problem or memory problem? Any suggestions for a solution or workaround?


    Jimmy Lee

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    Re: Image PArtial Displaying (2002 SP3)

    Let her try the following:
    - Open the Display Properties control panel (either by right-clicking an empty part of the desktop and selecting Properties from the popup menu, or through Start | Control Panel)
    - Activate the Settings tab,
    - Click Advanced.
    - Activate the Troubleshoot tab.
    - Drag the Hardware Acceleration slider a notch or two to the left.
    - OK your way out.
    If it doesn't help, restore the original setting.

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