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    Turning Off Paste Options Action Button? (2003)

    Hello everyone,

    This is actually a tip (I think),

    Our office is migrating to Office 2003 from Office 2000. The Paste Options Action Button is new to the entire staff.

    Some of these clients have been annoyed by the Paste Options Action Button appearance. They don't want to use it and don't want to see it. It seems they are particularly annoyed with its appearance when drafting an Outlook 2003 message.

    So, that's their "annoyance." And the "FIX?"

    You must launch Word 2003, to turn off the Paste Options button. That includes turning off its actions in Outlook 2003.

    In Word 2003, choose Tools | Options, click the Edit tab, and in the Cut and Paste options section, uncheck the

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    Re: Turning Off Paste Options Action Button? (2003)

    Action buttons are an Office-level setting, not an application-level setting, so turning an action button of in any Office application will turn it off in all Office applications. There is no way to change that.

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