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    Converting non-FP site into FP (Front Page 2003)

    I am working with a site that was created before my time with my new company that was created outside of Front Page (not sure the original software it was created in). I am able to do simple edits by editing in Front Page and FTPing the specific page back up to the site, but I would like to use some more complex Front Page features (like email forms and dumping info to a database from a form) and it's my understanding that I can do this with this web host (Earthlink) BUT they advise to FTP files from the existing site down to a folder on my hard drive, then create a new Front Page site, then import the files into the new Front Page site, then add my other form pages, etc. and publish THROUGH Front Page (since FTPing can mess stuff up) I FTPd the files down to a folder on my hard drive., but when I attempt to import the files (using the From File System option) from the folder I get a message "You can not import a Web site from <path>. Verify the location then try again." Anyone know why this might be happening, or perhaps another method of accomplishing "merging" the old site and a new FP site into one.

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    Re: Converting non-FP site into FP (Front Page 200

    I haven't used import for a long time, but another option should be to import directly from the "live" site on the web. The problem with that approach (at least in FP2000) would be missing anything that the FrontPage spider doesn't see, such as pages that are not linked, images that only appear through JavaScript, etc.

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