Hello - I m not sure if this is the correct board to post on [img]/forums/images/smilies/ohmy.gif[/img])

In Word that contains hyperlinks, when I click on a hyperlink it opens up and brings Internet Explorer as the active front window and displays the webpage.

For our intranet, we use a document manangement system Cyberdocs, when I open the same Word document using cyberdocs, if a session of Word is already open when the document is opened the result is Internet Explorer is opned up, however this window is not the first window (foreground). This IE window is thrown to the background.

If Word is not running, the document is opened and I click on a hyperlink, the IE window is displayed in the foreground - the correct behaviour.

Im just trying to troubleshoot the problem and get this issue sorted. I was wondering if this is related to the software Cyberdocs,or perhaps something else I'm not aware of yet.

any ideas?