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    Transfering calendar information (2002)

    I have a public folder on a server, running Microsoft Exchange, with a public calendar of employees' ins and outs, etc. I would like to transfer the information from this public folder calendar into my Outlook desktop calendar. I would like to add the appointments to my desktop calendar without over writing any of my personal appointments. Is there a synchronization process that will work or a copying process that will work? Thank you.

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    Re: Transfering calendar information (2002)

    You can easily copy them on a one-time basis as follows (menus from Outlook 2003, your 2002 menus will differ), open the Public Folders calendar, select a table View such as Active Appointments, select the range of Appointments, select Edit | Copy to Folder, select your own Calendar Folder, OK out.

    However, this will not automatically synchronize. Synchronizing is not a built in function, would require a significant effort to code (assuming that there is a lot of volume, think of all the changes that would have to be processed from day to day); you might see if there are aftermarket capabilities in

    My opinion, FWIW, is that you would be better off if you added the all-employee calendar to your Public Folder favorites, and then you created a shortcut to it. That way it is easily in reach and there is no need to update or synchronize. Perhaps another Lounger has a better idea.

    (Better yet, get Outlook 2003, which provides a side-by-side calendar view.)
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