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    Line Breaks in Autosignatures (2003 Sp2)

    I am having trouble creating an autosignature which is consistent for plain text emails and HTML emails. The plain text version seems to be the main offender irrespective of whether I use a soft-line break (Shift+Enter) or a hard line break (Enter). When the signature is used, it will appear on my original version correctly but I notice when it comes back to me as part of an answer, the line breaks don't work and most lines appear as one. Is this something to do with Encoding because when I change the reply email to Unicode (UTF-7) it appears correctly with line breaks in the right places? If so, how do I ensure the signatures I send out keep the correct encoding? Or is there some other method?


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    Re: Line Breaks in Autosignatures (2003 Sp2)

    Is the format changing on the reply, for example, going from plain text to HTML or vice versa? If so, it could be a little difficult to predict what the sender's mail program is going to do to your signature. You might have to experiment with a few different mail programs (Outlook being the most common for business, but some use the built-in editor and others use Word) and formats to find the best compromise.

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