Hi All,

I have two questions about WinZip and MS-Excel/VBA:

1) I would like to know if there is a way to know how many files are zipped into a WinZip archive?
Ideally I would like to provide the user with a list of files to choose from. Currently I count how many .XLS workbooks I have before I use the SHELL command to execute WinZip with the right switches, and then recount the files to find what has changes. This works OK, but it does not take much to break it.

2) How can I tell when the Shell Command has finished.
I know that the SHELL command runs asynchronously, but I am sure there should be an API function to check on a process and detect when its done. Currently I Loop until the number of files in the folder I am unzipping to changes. Again this can break very easily.

Thanks for ALL your help.


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