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    LIst Box - Multi-Selection (2002)

    How do you go about setting up a list box so that you can select several choices and save all the choices to a field. I selected simple in the multiselect property of the listbox and I can select several choices in the box but they do not seem to save in the field. Do you have to write some code to do something after you select the choices?



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    Re: LIst Box - Multi-Selection (2002)

    I wouldn't recommend storing multiple values in a field - it violates relational database design. Instead, create another table linked to the main table, with a separate record for each value.
    And I wouldn't use a multi-select list box for selecting the values, but a main form - subform setup instead. A list box would require quite a bit of code, while Access will do all the work for you if you use a subform linked properly to the main form.

    What then is the use of a multi-select list box, you ask? You can use it to let the user select options, as an alternative to a series of check boxes.

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