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    A Couple of Quick Questions! (2000)

    Hi Folks

    Hopefully someone can help with these two problems ...

    1. I have an Access form with a Tab Control. This allows me to split my table up into different sections on the form - nice and handy. However, whenever I open the form (View) the screen shunts down to the first field and I have to scroll back up to be able to click on my tab controls. Is it possible to have tab 1 as the default point where the screen stops?
    2. Is there a simple object I can add to my form that shows a total count of the number of records. I realise I can just look at the bottom of the screen but I'd like a text box with big red letters telling me how many records there are.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: A Couple of Quick Questions! (2000)

    1. Change the TabIndex property of the entire tab control to 0.

    2. create a textbox (probably want to put it in form footer, and for it's controlsource, use: =Count(*)
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