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    E-mail restrictions (6)

    A lot of companies remove e-mail access to my Yahoo account. Is it not possible to use some sort of 'plain text' e-mailling system so that I can at least read the main text of messages? Thanks, Andy.

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    Re: E-mail restrictions (6)

    There are three possible reasons for such a restriction:

    (1) Concern about security on the web (e.g., interactive message or attachment content);
    (2) Concern about employees wasting time;
    (3) Concern about trade secrets going out the side door.

    There are ways to work around #1, and you probably could reach an understanding with the powers that be about #2. But #3 might be a no go for some companies. I think it is worth investigating this before doing anything too elaborate.

    Of course, there's also the $20/year upgrade to forward messages to your work address or cell phone:

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