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    Automatic date change unwanted (2003 SP-2)

    If I open an invoice (document) which I have previously created the date is automatically changed to the current date. For example, if I open an invoice template, fill in the information and save it as "xxxx.doc" and then 3 days later open this saved document, the date is changed from the date it was created and saved to the current day.

    Is there a way to keep Word from changing the original date on such documents?

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    Re: Automatic date change unwanted (2003 SP-2)

    Do you mean a Date field in the document? That will automatically change to the current date. If you don't want that, don't use a Date field.

    You can unlink the field (i.e. replace it with its value) by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9.

    Alternatives are the CreateDate field and the SaveDate field. You can insert fields using Insert | Field.

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