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    Centering switchboard form (Access 2003)

    This should be an easy one for you guys who know what you are doing. I have a small (5" x 3") switchboard form that I want to appear centered, on top of the rest of the database, like a dialogue box, when it's opened. I know that I have to set one or a combination of the AutoResize, Modal, Pop-Up or AutoCenter properties on the form, but can't remember which combination of the two I need. I've tried a couple combinations and either the background color takes up the whole screen (despite the size of the form), or the window resizes until it's so small you can't see anything but the top, left portion of the form. Any ideas.

    Thanks - Sat.

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    Re: Centering switchboard form (Access 2003)

    For a switchboard form, you probably want to leave Popup and Modal set to the default False. To center the form, set AutoResize and AutoCenter to True. Make sure that there is no code (for example in the On Open, On Load or On Activate event of the form) to maximize it.

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