When I use Diskeeper, there is a selection in the program to resize the Master File Table. DK analyzes the files on the disk and the amount of space currently allotted and what is suggested for best performance. Seems to work fine.

I noticed a noticeable speed decrease when the table was too small, which was alleviated when I re-sized.

The Help file from Diskeeper states:

The MFT configuration tool helps pre-extend the MFT in a contiguous manner, so future growth of the MFT will not result in fragmented extensions of the file. Approximately one spare file record is needed for each file that will occupy the volume in the future. The number of file records to add is determined in one of two ways:

Frag Shield recommends the size increase based on the estimated number of files that could occupy the volume. This estimate is based on the current average file size and amount of available free space.

You can enter in how many files you estimate will potentially occupy the volume.

When I tried PerfectDisk, I was curious to NOT find any way to accomplish this task. I emailed their support, asking where and when this might be available.

The e-mail I received back is as follows:


-- 08/08/06 - Neither PerfectDisk nor Diskeeper resize the MFT (regardless of their claim). What we do is resized the MFT reserverd zone so the MFT can grow contiguously as new files are added. By default Windows will alot 12.5% of your drive for the reserved zone. PerfectDisk automatically adjusts this to 500MB when you perform an offline pass. Over time as the MFT reserved zone shrinks as you create new files. Once the reserved zone is less than 50 MB, we regrow it to 500MB. There is no need for you to do anything. bh

Do these seem to be saying the same thing, but at the same time "not"?

PD is in effect saying you can't really do much anyway, and we do what you can automatically. DK, on the other hand appears fore proactive.

Who's got the better plan of these two?

Chuck Billow