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    Copy and Paste Word documents Destroys Formatting (XP Service Realse 2)

    We are using WIndows 2000 and Office 2003 at present.

    Some of our users are required to open up a Word 2003 document, Select All, Copy and then Paste the text into a Lotus Notes database (the field in Lotus Notes is a rich text field so it allows for formatting like bolding numbering etc). These documents in some cases have list / multi-level numbering applied.

    Under Windows 2000 this procedure in most cases worked okay - there was the odd time that some formatting did not get applied. In these cases, small tweaks here and there were done to reformat the text within the Lotus Notes database field.

    We are in the midst of upgrading to Windows XP - still using Word 2003 and that Lotus Notes database.

    When our users select a word 2003 document that uses the standard Microsoft numbering styles, the resulting document in Lotus Notes has all numbering "removed" or stripped away.

    When our users select a word 2003 document in which numbering has been "manually applied" in other words hard coded numbers like:

    1. xxxxxxxx
    1.1 yyyyyyyyyy
    1.1.1 zzzzzzzz

    The resulting pasted text in Lotus Notes looks just fine - in other words numbering is maintained.

    Can anyone suggest why this might be happening. Windows XP seems to be the only difference in our equation.

    Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions

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    Re: Copy and Paste Word documents Destroys Formatting (XP Service Realse 2

    Also asked in the Word forum. This thread is locked to avoid confusion and duplication. Please post all replies in the thread starting at <post:=593,165>post 593,165</post:>.

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