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    Hiding toolbar and menubar (A2K)

    I want my system to operate with the "my way or the highway" philosophy; that is, *everything* is done with controls on my forms. [This is to be a kiosk type system where completely untrained users can look up information.] To that end, I want to completely remove the menubars and toolbars from view, but not alter how Access behaves with other files. I will have my code in an mde with an autoexec, AllowByPass=False, Exit on Close, and all the other appropriate stuff. What I am missing now is how to hide the toolbars so they are only gone while my program is running.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Hiding toolbar and menubar (A2K)

    The way you do this is to create custom menubars and attach them to the forms and reports in your application.

    I have what I call a CustomMenu that I set as the default application menu like this:

    Application.MenuBar = "CustomMenu"

    It has nothing on it but the Exit command to close the application. I have a special menubar for reports that includes page setup, print and close, and I have special shortcut menus that include only the commands I want them to have access to on right click.

    The custom menubars only apply to the database that contains them, so they have no effect on other sessions of Access.

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