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    Pasting from Word into rich text editor (all)

    We have a Web application that uses a rich text editor ( Our users copy material from existing Word documents into text boxes in our application that use the RTE. Word does some autocorrect magic on certain characters that cause them to come across funny when pasted into the text box and displayed in Firefox or IE.

    So far we have identified the following characters that need special treatment:
    Ellipsis, Left Single Quote, Right Single Quote, Left Double Quote, Right Double Quote, Small Bullet, En Dash, Em Dash

    We are seeking a complete list, and I'm not sure where to find this info. Appreciate any help or links!

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    Re: Pasting from Word into rich text editor (all)

    Some of those would be listed in the AutoCorrect dialog. Others are changed by the AutoFormat as You Type feature. If you start from Tools>AutoCorrect Options..., you will find the relevant tabs there.

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