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    Filter (Access all Versions)

    I have created a form with a number of fields and about say 300 records which are clients.
    There is a command button attatched to each record so that the user can drill down into further detail about the client
    I apply a filter on these records and scroll down to find a certain client and then click the command button to drill down into the client detail.
    The first form then closes and a new one opens with the drill down detail of the record.
    When i click back and return to the original form, the filter I applied has gone and I am back at the first record.

    How do I Is it possible to return to the first form and have the filter I applied and the record I was at still active so I do not have to re-apply a filter and scroll again?

    Hope this makes sense.

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    Re: Filter (Access all Versions)

    Instead of closing the first form, you can leave it open. If you open the detail form as a dialog (by setting the WindowMode argument of DoCmd.OpenForm to acDialog), the user cannot click back in the first form, he/she must close the second form.
    If you don't like the first form to remain visible behind the second form, you can hide it by setting its Visible property to False. Set its Visible property to True again when the second form is closed.
    By leaving the first form open (even if hidden), the filter remains set, as well as the current record.

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