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    countif with dates (2000)

    I need a formula that will count the number of times the word Dennis was typed per each day. A1:A12311 contain names and B1:B12311 have dates of the month. Right now I have a formula on sheet one (=countif($A$4:$A$12311,D1) in D1 I have the name Dennis. This works good but it does not break it down by days. I thought on sheet 2 the headers could be something like Dates and Results with the Results having a formula to count how many times Dennis was typed on each day

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    Re: countif with dates (2000)

    Say you enter Jan-2006 in F1 and fill down to Aug-2006 (or Dec-2006 or whatever).
    In G1, enter this array formula (confirm with Ctrl+Shift+Enter):

    =SUM(($A$1:$A$12311=$D$1)*(DATE(YEAR($B$1:$B$12311 ),MONTH($B$1:$B$12311),1)=F1))

    Fill down as far as needed.

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