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    Outlook Forms Library (2003)

    For the past 6 years we have had our Outlook forms posted in the Organization Forms Library. Last night we were told that they need to be moved to a Folder that will be created in the Public Folder section. Will this work? We have to limite the number of Users that can see and access the foldes.
    1. Form is Opened by User
    2. Form is filed out and either SEND or Forward (Cmdbutton) to the next person.
    3 Form writes the information into a Access database
    4. The Form is Opened by Next person - completes the work requested and updates (writes to the fields in the forms) the database.
    5. Form/Request is moved to a 2nd folder for someone else to QC the request and what was done. - fields are updated to the database.
    6. Form/Request is then printed and sent back to the Requester.

    We have alwaysed used the Organization library and we are not sure of the Public Folder will work.

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    Re: Outlook Forms Library (2003)

    We have conference room calendars as public folders. I posted a form to the Action menu for each room. When launched, the form has date fields and checkboxes regarding for a scheduling request. As far as I can tell, this works just like any other form.

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