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    Secure Workgroup

    This is not a home network question but I hope I can get directed. I am setting up a small network ( two offices 3 computers and two printers) within an office suite which has shared internet access through a DHCP router and switch setup. I can setup the offices with their own router but I want to make sure the no other computers on the floor can see or access this network. I want to know if I should set up a domain or change TCP/IP or IP and subnet settings. Any direction or links would be helpful

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    Re: Secure Workgroup

    Definitely not a home network question...

    You should make sure that you get a router that has a decent Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall. Your network will then have it's own IP Subnet and you should configure the router so that the only incoming requests it accepts are those that correspond to outgoing packets from your subnet.


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    Note: If there is a risk of any serious hackers having access to the office network then this is unlikely to provide sufficient protection, and you will have no protection from other office users who want to read your network packets.

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