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    Extracting data (97/SR2)

    I need some help. I created a database to capture information from an employee survey. Most of the answers required a check if they agree or no check if they do not agree. There was one "memo" field in which we allow the employee to VENT. I have provided the team with all sorts of reports with percentages and figures. Now they want to remove any comment that had money, pay raise, bonus etc. They also want to organize the comments in some type of flow. Like all the "pats on the back" in one area, Day offs in another, plaque on wall grouped together, etc.

    Can one of you experts, please give me some help?


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    Re: Extracting data (97/SR2)

    Processing free text is difficult - a good reason for not allowing free text in surveys. You can tally specific keywords, but how are you going to recognize all the possible ways of putting a "pat on the back" into words?
    Next time, avoid free text like the plague.

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