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    Color flags in Outlook (Outlook XP, 2003)

    Outlook offers a very good variety of ways to categorize and group messages. One of those is the ability to mark messages with different color flags that can be assigned to any message. The flags can be automatically applied based on a diversity of parameters like sender name, or subject, or whether I am the only one name at the to: address, or....

    Is there a way to make use of those color flags for the outgoing messages?
    Can I group or rank the sent messages? I know I can do it manually afterwards but, can that be done automatically?

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Re: Color flags in Outlook (Outlook XP, 2003)

    Are you using Rules to flag messages? There is a slight difference between the rule options for Received and Sent messages. To add a "colored flag" rule for Sent messages, try this:

    (1) Create a rule using: New Rule..., Start from a blank rule, Check messages after sending. For the action, just choose Stop processing more rules.

    (2) Highlight your new rule, click Change rule..., then Flag Message to choose a flag color.

    There might be a more efficient way, but this is what I see for now.

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