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    Saving changes to Template (2003)


    I recently created a new template called "Outline" which has headings and styles set for my outlines. Sometimes, I make changes to a style and in the Modify Style dialog box, there are 2 boxes I can check. The first one says, "Add to template" and the second one says, "Automatically Update." Does anyone know what that second one does?

    Also, when I check the first one, it adds the changes to my template, not to my outline template, even though I am in a document based on my outline tempate. Does anyone know why it does that? Is there a way to tell it to leave Normal alone and to make the changes in



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    Re: Saving changes to Template (2003)

    IIf you check "Automatically update" then future manual formatting changes will cause the style to be updated. For example if you apply Bold Font to a paragraph then the style will now include bold, and all other paragrahs that use that style will become Bold. I have no use at all for this feature which causes lots of confusion.

    I have no idea why your styles are being saved to the wrong template, but when I want to update the styles in a template, I usually open the template itself, which avoids all the confusion about which template a style is in.


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