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    Quering a word from different fields (2003)

    Hi, I ram myself into a wall. I am trying to create a query that could show what individuals have the same specialties. I have a table of 13 fields that show an individual name and his specialties all across, all the specialties order are not in the same order depending the individual; one may have SpecialtyOne something different than another individual SpecialtyOne. I want to create a query with 12 fields which is the maximum number of specialties and show only a criteria word or a selected specialty after searching all the Table 12 specialties fields.

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    Re: Quering a word from different fields (2003)

    This is an unfortunate design. It would be much better to have two tables:

    1) A table with an AutoNumber ID field, last and first names and other personal information. Each person has one record in this table.
    2) A table with a number field ID (linked to ID in the other table) and a specialty field. If a person has 5 specialties, this person would have 5 records in this table, and if a person has 12 specialties, there would be 12 records for this person.

    This setup makes it very easy to tally persons having a specific specialty.

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