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    sCHEMA.INI (Access 2000)

    Here's my problem: that embeded ascii 13 in my txt file when I import causes a false record delimitation. Now, I can use a schema ini file to set up the import specs manually, and then bring the txt file into access somehow and import it to a table. However, I don't know how - nor have I encountered anyone who has successfully run this solution..
    Code example, if one exists would be a great discussion point if anyone has any available.


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    Re: sCHEMA.INI (Access 2000)

    Not sure if I quite understand you, but something you might try is importing the text file (or a sample of one) into access, and before you tell it to Finish, click the Advanced button (lower-left) and click Save As.

    This will allow you to save the specs of the import, so you can use them again.

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    Re: sCHEMA.INI (Access 2000)

    There is not much you have to do to utilize the schema.ini file. Access automatically looks for it in the same directory as the file you are importing. It then checks it to see if there is an entry in it for that import file.

    I've had mixed success using schema.ini though. I've only gotten it to work on Fixed Length and Tab-Delimited files.
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    Re: sCHEMA.INI (Access 2000)

    If this is a fixed width file, the schema.ini might work, but if it's anything else, that embedded chr(13) is going to bite you. Is it something like a field where the users have entered returns to wrap the text or what?

    There are two knowledgebase articles that might help you: and <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q155512 ACC: How to Create a Schema.ini File Programmatically

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