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    Macro with input box to choose range of dates (Excel 2000)

    I have 2 years worth of data in an excel spreadsheet (therefore, 104 rows of data because I have data for each week).
    I want to create a macro that asks me the starting and ending week through an input box and then creates the graph based on this input. For example, I will put 1-Jul-00 as the starting date and 1-Jul-01 as the ending date so the graph will only contain data from July1/00 to July1/01. I have no problem creating a macro to make a static graph but don't know how to add the variable to be able to choose different time periods. Confusing? Help!!

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    Re: Macro with input box to choose range of dates (Excel 2000)

    Is this what you need?

    <pre>Dim dStart As Date, dEnd As Date
    dStart = DateValue(InputBox("Please enter starting date"))
    dEnd = DateValue(InputBox("Please enter ending date"))

    If you want to make it look pretty and enter both dates at one time you could also create a user form.
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