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    onchange & requery (access 97)

    i am trying to put together a form that will allow me to pick from a list that will then update the next list box. when i then pick from that box, it will update the next box. i have been able to partially accomplish this by linking the boxes with the onchange command and doing a requery. my problem is, i want, when you select from the first box, the rest of the boxes on the screen to be updated instead of just the next one in line. does this makes sense? its as if i want all the boxes to requery instead of just one with the first selection. i can't figure out how to have more than one requery run.

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    Re: onchange & requery (access 97)

    Have you tried just requerying the form?

    I'd recommend against OnChange and suggest the AfterUpdate event instead. OnChange fires *every* time you type a character, so it can create a serious performance hit. AfterUpdate only fires when you have finished updating the control and hit enter or move off of the control.

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