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    changing who the reply is from based on the folder

    I have two e-mail addresses and
    The address is forwarded by the owner of to my address
    As mail arrives it is sorted into separate folders (abc and xyz)
    However when I reply to the mail sent to my address it automatically replies using my address because that is the account that the mail was sent to (because of the forwarding). So while someone may have sent to they recieve replies from (unless I remember to maually change it before sending)
    I don

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    Re: changing who the reply is from based on the fo

    Imagine for a moment that you had two accounts set up. One that you check regularly, and the other which you never check. In Outlook 2002-2003, your message composition window would have a drop-down control labeled Account next to the Send button that would let you specify which account you were sending "from." In Outlook 2000's "Internet Mail Only" mode, there is a small drop-down arrow to "send using" next to the Send button.

    Using a separate account is the only (official) way to specify the From information on a message. In OL2002-03, you can have such an account without checking it by excluding it from your Send/Receive groups. And anyway, if the mail is all forwarded, there's little harm in checking it now and then... So, why not?

    But... how to link this setting back to the folder holding the message to which you are replying. Hmmm...

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