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    Duplicate addresses (Outlook 2002)

    We are presently evaluating Office XP for use. We are connected to an Exchange 5.5 SP4 server, that contains a public folder that contains a Master Contacts list that everyone can view and use. We have it marked to use as an address book. Under Outlook 2000, each account shows only one email address. While under Outlook 2002 it shows two, one for the email address and another for the business fax setting. This we know as it show as a the fax number should we select it. Any idea of how to remedy the situation?

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    Re: Duplicate addresses (Outlook 2002)

    Hello. I saw that you posted a problem that we are experiencing with Outlook 2000. Did you ever get a resolution (I see nothing was posted, but thought perhaps you found an answer elsewhere).


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