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    Need Code to Automate Fax Template (MS Word 2003)

    I have a fax template that I call up and enter in appropriate info into the fields before sending. I would like to be able to hit a dropdown box in the "TO:" section that would dump in all client info such address, fax# etc so I won't have to enter it every time. I have a list of clients in Outlook2003 that I could query from or I could just as easily make an Access table or an Excel spreadsheet to pull client info from. Either way what code could I include in with my faxform to make for less typing.

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    Re: Need Code to Automate Fax Template (MS Word 2003)

    Although not quite the same as what you want, the thread starting at <post:=264,177>post 264,177</post:> might give you some ideas.

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