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    migrate from excel to VB .... (6.0)

    Extension of attachment changed from .rtf to .txt by HansV - it's a plain text file.

    I use this a macro to find a value(with a part or with complete value) in column of excel...

    Now i have migatre part of mine code in VB classic 6.0

    assuming the record where is stored the value of find is inested column K now in VB is in field PROVA13 of a table...
    how to convert the excel macro in vb...????

    sorry for my enghlish, but really my idea is to migrate all my macro "Private Sub CommandButton5_Click()" to VB and an mdb access...

    In effect now, i would wanto to find the famous value in a recordset of access... inestaed to find in

    Set NOMIMATIVO = ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(3, 11), Cells(3, 11).End(xlDown))

    i would want to find in all record of filed PROVA13 of a table of access...

    in this case for me is important only a suggestion or code example to set all with vb and acess similar ado or ole connection...

    hope i am clear.

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    Re: migrate from excel to VB .... (6.0)

    Look up the Find method of the ADODB Recordset object in the online help. The help contains an example of how to loop through the records.

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