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    Query for Tables (Office 2000)

    I am a high school Business Education teacher and am teaching a course on Computer Applications. I have an ASP application where I am putting tests online for students. The applications will grade the tests and give the students immediate feedback. Rather than replicate the whole thing for each different test, I want to have a separate table for each test, all in one database. It is hard to explain the whole thing to you but what I've been wanting to do is to be able to dynamically fill a combo box with available tests so the faculty members can select the test they want to have the students take. I wanted to do that by getting a list of the tables into a RecordSet. I had almost given up hope because the typical SELECT statement retrieves things from a table rather than retrieving the names of the tables. Then I received the Woody's Access Watch which arrived at just the right time. Now I just have to figure out how to adapt what you've written for my purposes. However, when using the link in the email to retrieve the files, I can't find the files. The archive at only goes to #148 and the WAW information says the files are in #150! One additional question is whether or not I can use ADO instead of DAO since I'm already using ADO in my application. Thanks for all your help. J. P. Zinn

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    Re: Query for Tables (Office 2000)

    Helen Feddema's site hasn't been kept up-to-date recently, and the Access Watch website isn't working well either at the moment.

    You should be able to use either DAO or ADO to open a recordset on the following SQL statement:

    SELECT Name FROM MSysObjects WHERE Flags In (0,2097152) AND Type=1 ORDER BY Name

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