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    data cleansing (xl2002)

    Hi Folks,
    I have a column of data in column E which contains data like 1PR UNI P45687. Where UNI exists in the string I would like to replace the entire string within the cell with 101. What is the best way of doing this please ?

    Thanks Bill

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    Re: data cleansing (xl2002)

    In your previous question, UNI could be anything. I take it that this time, you mean the literal and fixed text UNI.
    - Select the column
    - Select Edit | Replace
    - In the 'Find what' box, type <code>* uni *</code>
    - In the 'Replace with' box, type <code>101</code>
    - Click Options >>
    - Tick the check box 'Match entire cell contents'
    - Click 'Replace All'

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