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    Access Watch Newsletter (n/a)

    The problem we have (and hope it can be answered here since contacting Woody's directly doesn't seem to be an option) is in Helen Feddema's Woody's Access-Watch newsletters in her latest issue references a download from her website of the file, problem is her website appears out-of-date, missing both the and earlier files. We could really use the file for our current work in our office as a reference. Can ANYBODY help us on this ? We tried contacting Helen directly but no 'contact' info appears on her website. We feel like we're going in circles. Thanks, any help, much appreciated.

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    Re: Access Watch Newsletter (n/a)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Woody's Lounge is not associated directly with the various Office Watch newletters, so I'm afraid we can't help you. Helen Feddema's website hasn't been kept up-to-date for some time now, and many of the downloads listed there are not available.

    You could try sending an e-mail to Can't guarantee anything, though.

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