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    Odd/Even Section Breaks (2003 SP2)

    I'm trying to set up a document with margins set differently for odd & even pages so that I always have a wider margin on the left side of a double-sided pages. It seems like section breaks are the way to go where I set up a margin for an odd page for the first section and a different margin for the next even page. My question is: Does Word recognize that the formatting should be applied to all odd or even pages or do I need to manually insert a section break for each page?

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    Re: Odd/Even Section Breaks (2003 SP2)

    In page setup, go to the layout tab and set "Different odd and even pages", then go to the margins tab and set the Gutter Position to Left and the gutter size to the amount of extra space you want for binding.

    Alternatively you can set the Multiple Pages dropdown to "Mirror Margins" and the left and right margins are replaced with Inside and Outside margins.

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