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    MS Ramdrive and XP Reinstallation Problems (XP SP2)

    I recently tried to do a repair reinstallation of Win XP SP2 from a Dell reinstallation cd. In the past, I have done this successfully. However, this time, rather than arriving at the screen where I get to do the repair reinstallation, I found myself at a screen that listed all my drives, including my main (c drive, a 4 MB MS Ramdrive, and some unallocated space. Asked to which drive I wished to install Windows, I chose my c: drive, and was told, "Setup cannot install Windows on this partition."

    Ultimately, under the guidance of Dell (fee-based) tech support, I reformatted my hard-drive and reinstalled Windows from scratch. According to Partition Magic, the 4 MB ram-drive is still there. From googled sources on the web, it sounds as though the ramdrive is not essential and can be deleted. Is this correct? Can I, and should I, get rid of the ramdrive?

    Terry Morse

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    Re: MS Ramdrive and XP Reinstallation Problems (XP SP2)

    I am a bit confused. The only Microsoft RAMdrive that I am familiar with is an IN MEMORY file store created when you boot from a Windows 98 boot floppy (or similar) see for example <!mskb=142546>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 142546<!/mskb>.

    This kind of RAMdrive would be automatically erased every time you turn the computer off.


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    Re: MS Ramdrive and XP Reinstallation Problems (XP

    Now that you've reformatted and installed again, can you make a screenshot of what Windows' Disk Management screen looks like so we can see how the space is labeled? Even if it is one of the two spaces that the Dell installation process seems to create on a hard drive, I don't know if Partition Magic will allow you to delete the space. I've not (yet) tried on my new Dell. MY hard drive is divided into three, two of which are a FAT16 and a FAT32 partition that I've not bothered with yet.

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