I saw that someone wondered about dates, unfortunately, I too have no answer. Another question I had that I recently read an answer for is, why do appointment alarms go off at the wrong time while out of town?

I live in the Phoenix area (MST all year) and was visiting Albuquerque (MDT) a few weeks ago. I wanted the alarm to wake me up, it did, an hour late!

I just read somewhere that even when you switch to the second clock, say Albuquerque, all alarms still set to your home area, for me Phoenix. This is because CE actually runs itself on GMT! It displays appointments according to the time correction for your Home area.

There is software you can purchase to fix this, I prefer the software built right in my head. In the future I will make a mental note to correct for the time difference and set appointments for the appropriate home time rather than local time.

By the way, i just read this somewhere but can not recall where proper credit is due. Please feel free to follow up with this if you know.