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    Named Budget Ranges (2003)

    I have created named budget ranges on a separate "Budgets" worksheet as follows:

    ThisWorkbook.Names.Add _
    Name:="BudgetTotal", RefersTo:=ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Budgets").Colum ns("E:Q")
    ThisWorkbook.Names.Add _
    Name:="BudgetTotalMonths", RefersTo:=ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Budgets").Range ("E3:Q3")
    ThisWorkbook.Names.Add _
    Name:="BudgetTotalTotal", RefersTo:=ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Budgets").Colum ns("E:E")
    ThisWorkbook.Names.Add _
    Name:="BudgetTotalYTD", RefersTo:=ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Budgets").Range ("E4:Q4")

    Other named ranges relating various forecasts and different cost categories within forecasts will also be created.

    The following formulas held in a costs reporting worksheet correctly pick up the required budget values as follows:
    In month budget:
    =SUMIF(INDIRECT(Budgets!$B$1&"TotalMonths"),$B$2,I NDIRECT(Budgets!$B$1& "Total") INDIRECT("Budgets!"& MATCH(A9,Budgets!A:A,0)& ":"&MATCH(A9,Budgets!A:A,0)))

    Year to date budget:
    =SUMIF(INDIRECT(Budgets!$B$1&"TotalYTD"),$B$2,INDI RECT(Budgets!$B$1&"Total") INDIRECT("Budgets!"& MATCH(A9,Budgets!A:A,0)& ":"&MATCH(A9,Budgets!A:A,0)))

    Full year budget:
    =SUM(INDIRECT($B$1&"TotalTotal") INDIRECT("Budgets!"& MATCH($A9,Budgets!$A:$A,0)& ":"&MATCH($A9,Budgets!$A:$A,0)))

    Within the above $B$1 is set to "Budget" and $B$2 is the period number and $A9 is the work stream name
    In the "Budgets" sheet Column A holds all the various work streams, with the associated budgets and forecasts held along each row.

    However I have quite a few more of these budget formulas to create and I would be grateful if anybody could advise if there is an easier way to create the required budget look up formulas.

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    Re: Named Budget Ranges (2003)

    I am not sure exactly what you are after, but if you are just trying to extract out a summary table of the results in a data table, why not use a pivot table, it should be able to do this automatically.


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