Alright so this is a follow up from my last problem where I couldn't even get Half Life 2 to work. Now it is working fine, everything is perfect except every time I play the game crashes and I get the error message, "Failed to lock vertex buffer in cmesh DX8::LockVertexBuffer". After doing my personal research I came across no solution. Most people are saying that there is no solution which is just awesome. If anyone knows anything about this problem please let me know.

Computer Specs:
Inspiron E1505
1.86 ghz duel core processor
1 gb ddr2 ram
Nvidea 7200 256mb video card
Win XP
Direct X 9

I'm not sure how to find more detailed specs.

I've already been to which seems to be the only forum I've found dedicated to this problem and it doesn't answer much.

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The only solution in that forum is when it says, "I had this problem too.
I realised that if I del file ..valvesteamAppsmyUsercounter-strike sourcebinvidcfg.bin then I could play again. Then I made a file.bat whit the next instruccions:
del "C:File ProgramsValveSteamSteamAppsmyUsercounter-strike sourcebinvidcfg.bin";
"C:File ProgramsValveSteamSteam.exe" -applaunch 240"

But I don't understand what it means.