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    clean install from up grade disc (xp home sp2)

    I have been given an old machine to pass on to a local charity officer if I can get it running smoothly. It suffers from random crashes which I know could be caused by many things..... whatever, it needs to have all the old owners files etc taken off and I'm assuming the best thing to do here would be to clear the HDD and re install XP afresh and start from there. My problem is that I believe the OS was originally Windows ME and was up graded within the last 2 years as the XP disc that is with the machine is a (legal) "XP home SP2 up grade " with receipt and key. But no original disc for ME

    Am I right in thinking that I wont be able to do a clean install from just the up grade disc on its own? If not does this mean the machine had just as well be scrapped? It's not very hi spec and almost 7 years old so wont be a major loss, but it would be nice if it could be made use of in some way.

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    Re: clean install from up grade disc (xp home sp2)

    If you have Windows XP Upgrade CD, you have to have Windows 98 or Me Installation CD (retail or OEM, full version) as proof of eligibility of upgrade.

    For more details, see Upgrading from Previous Versions of Windows

    As a proof it can also be a full copy of Win98 or WinMe folder from Installation CD, which is usually was placed in C:WindowsOptionsCabs folder. If it was, you will see several dozen .CAB files there.

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