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    survey db (Access 2003 )

    I've been asked to make a survey db by someone. I was wondering what is the best way to go about this? The output spread sheet list several questions asked of the user. The user id and questions asked are in columns. So you could have a columns like the user id: date: when was the last time you reaed a book?id you like the book?: Was the book helpful? What type of book was it?. These are listed in many rows one for each survey asked. Is my best bet to just make each column a field name in a table and build off of that? Some of the question asked are very length? I can have the spread sheet altered to column names that are more relivant and shorted so when I import into access and populate them into a table it will be easier to follow. Just looking for a little guidance. All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks...

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    Re: survey db (Access 2003 )

    The table design depends on how you intend to use the data, both for data entry and for analysis. I can tell you right now that putting all the questions in a table as fields makes the results extremely hard to tabulate in any meaningful way. If you search in this forum on survey or questionnaire, you'll find plenty of prior discussions on the topic, including a thread starting with <post:=579,998>post 579,998</post:> , which might give you some ideas.

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