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    Convert Text Desc. to Date (2003 SP1)

    I have a field in which I store descriptions like so...

    January 2006 Dues
    July 2006 Dues
    June 2006 Dues
    March 2006 Dues
    May 2006 Dues
    October 2006 Dues
    September 2006 Dues

    Unfortunately, on reports, I cannot sort this correctly in date order. Do I have any options to convert this somehow to a date or some other method to display this correctly. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Convert Text Desc. to Date (2003 SP1)

    I would store a date instead, then convert it to the string when displaying it. Otherwise, you will have to create a custom function to look at the first part of the string and convert it to a date. Something like:

    Public Function CnvDuesStringToDate(strDue) as date
    cnvDuesStringToDate = cDate( Left(strDue, instr(strDue," Dues") -1)
    end Function

    You can then sort the results of this.
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