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    Unlock database (MS 2003)

    ok i'm in the middle of designing this database. this afternoon i was trying to do something that i will do when i finish the whole project. i went tool, start-up and uncheck 4 things: display database window, display status bar, allow built-in toolbars and allow toolbar/menu changes. i knew by doing that i wont able to go back into design or editing mode next time i open it. and it did, i couldnt go back to editing or design mode. so the question i have is how do i go back to editing mode where i can see my Tools option and continue to design my project. i thought i remembered how to do it but i forgot the second key. i knew that if i wanted to go back to the editing mode i must hold down Ctrl and one more key then double clicks on the database icon to unlock it.

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    Re: Unlock database (MS 2003)

    Hold down Shift when you open the database to bypass the startup options.

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