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    DATA Storage (XP/pro sp2)

    I just did a clean install and format of HD. I partitioned my HD with 60GB for the system and remainder of disk 220GB will be for data. what is the correct procedure to tell the system that I want to save all data to drive D: and not save files and documents on the system partition C: ?
    Should I go into explorer and right click on document & settings folder, choose properties and give a file location of D: or should I go to just the my documents folder and assign it to D: ? If I do this, will I be creating any problems?

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    Re: DATA Storage (XP/pro sp2)

    You will find that on some programs you can set the default location from within the program. Look for the settings to be under "Options or Preferences and etc". Some program will default to "My Documents" which can be rerouted to a different location, but I have found that this does NOT always work.

    In most cases I just select the location of the files I want, when Opening or saving a file. YES, it takes a few extra steps but I have control over where things are going. I have 4 different drives on my desktop (plus a external USB drive for backup images), one for a OS and programs, second drive for a second OS and programs and the other two for data. This have worked for me since I started using Windows 95 many years ago. Because we were using a single machine and now we have separate machines the wife does about the same thing.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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