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    Listing Video File Names on Web Page as LInks (2003)

    I have a bunch of MPG files that I would like to list on a page as file names that hyperlink to the video file. There are several hundred files and I keep adding to the list so I don't want to have to create the file list and all the hyperlinks manually. Ideally I'd like to have the page dynamically update the list from the files in a folder.

    Any help/ideas would be appreciated.



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    Re: Listing Video File Names on Web Page as LInks

    I think someone posted the code to do something like that, quite a while back. It might have been a site map generator.

    I suspect you actually just need to do this on your computer and post a page that's already complete, rather than recalculate the map on the server side. If the earlier thread doesn't help (check this board and also Web Development), then someone might know a built-in "FrontPage way" to do this.

    If that doesn't help, FP does allow you to write VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) procedures, AKA macros, to automate some things. That could be a bigger project.

    If this were my problem, I'd probably use a VERY old-fashioned approach:

    (1) Generate a list of all files in the folder from the command line using:

    dir /b *.mpg >dirlist.txt

    (2) Open dirlist.txt in MS Word and use Find/Replace multiple times with different text to build the links. Unless you do a lot of Find/Replace, it would be impossible to explain all the stupid things you have to do to make it work, but if you do, the lightbulb might already have gone off. Remember to temporarily turn off "Smart Quotes" (Tools>AutoCorrect option..., AutoFormat As You Type tab).

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