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    Managing a Report Text Box Size (Access 2003 SP2)

    I have a stylized report (think course completion certificate) in which I'm loading course titles from multipe records into a text box. The client insists that the report stay only one page long. In testing against real data, I've run across situations in which the course titles turn out to be quite long or there are a large number of courses, or both. This of course pushes the report to multiple pages. I can predetermine the number of course titles that will be printed and adjust formating on the fly by wrapping the text rather than using the default carriage returns between each title. However, with numerous long course titles I can still run out of room for the text box to fit on one page. If the text were printed in a mono-spaced font it would be rather easy to determine the max characters the text box could hold at various font point sizes, however the client wants a proportional font. Is there any way to analize a report text box after the data has been loaded (in On Format) and determine the number of print lines (the actual text will be one long string) which will be required at the current point size? If so, I could adjust the point size until the text fit. Open to any and all other ideas.

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    Re: Managing a Report Text Box Size (Access 2003 S

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I am sure I have seen it discussed before.

    Searching through past post has found this.

    <post#=364,345>post 364,345</post#>

    I think I remember another one, but I can't find it.

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    Re: Managing a Report Text Box Size (Access 2003 SP2)

    I think <post:=566,407>post 566,407</post:> might be what you're looking for.

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