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    Woodys MS Patch Reliability Ratings

    Hi all,
    I have just found this site from the Windows Secrets Newsletter but have a question.
    Is there a way to pull up the previous months ratings from (from the MS Patch Reliability Ratings) tab?
    Maybe I am missing something but it seems that Woody sometimes uses the KB #s, sometime the MSnn-nnn #s, sometimes both to refer to information about patches.
    I am getting really confused trying to read thru this info and determine what patches I should install.

    Any and all comments, suggestions welcome!
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Re: Woodys MS Patch Reliability Ratings

    Blame Microsoft for name confusing!

    All patches (hotfixes) have corresponding Microsoft Knowledge Base (MSKB or KB) article named by six-digit number, for example, KB919007. This number is part of the name of hotfix installation file.

    But often KB article contains nothing more than reference to Microsoft Security Bulletin (as KB919007 contains reference to MS06-052), which bulletin contains hotfix description, links to downloads for different versions of Windows, list of replaced hotfixes (also as links to Security Bulletins), etc.

    Woody refers to KBs or Security Bulletins depending where links to downloads are.

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