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    index referencing calculated-custom pagination

    In Word 2003 I have a document that needs to print double sided. I needed to customize such that the first physical page will contain pages 1 and 2, but be labeled "Page 1", the second physical page contain pages 3 and 4 would be labeled "Page 2" and so on. I accomplished this using field code in the headers. Because in the future I plan to add pages at random points in the document I created an index for these pages, but the index reflects the actual page numbers, not the calculated page numbers I have displayed.

    How do I create an index using to reference my calculated/custom page numbers (in the header) instead of the page numbers word uses for each page?

    Thank you


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    Re: index referencing calculated-custom pagination

    I suspect that the reason no-one has answered your question is because there is no way to do this.

    I would love to be proved wrong, but there is certainly no obvious solution.


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    Re: index referencing calculated-custom pagination

    The INDEX field has the option to add a "sequence" number, created using the SEQ field, which often would be used to indicate a "chapter" and can be display in the format Chapter-Page. The hyphen can be created with any arbitrary separator character you like. If you number your document to contain "Chapters" that match your desired numbering, then at the last minute you could: convert the Index to plain text (Ctrl+Shift+F9) and Find/Replace the separator and following digits with nothing to create an index to the fake numbering. However, that's a one-way trip; I don't see a way to create a "chapter only" index. (Then again, I never use this feature!)

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