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    Mail merge from access database (Windows 2003)

    Specific proplem. Access database has been formated so all data is times new roman. Word mail merge document has been formatted that all fields that are imported are times new roman. However when data is imported that data is courier new. Nowhere is that font listed. Data is imported from the actual table not a query and is a simple address. Suggestions

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    Re: Mail merge from access database (Windows 2003)

    Mail merge knows nothing about the font used in Access. Try the following in the merge document (the one containing the merge fields):
    - Press Alt+F9 to show field codes.
    - Format all merge fields as Times New Roman.
    - Make the fied codes look like this (with the appropriate field names, of course):

    { MERGEFIELD FieldName * CharFormat }

    - Press Alt+F9 to hide the field codes again.
    - Word should now preserve the Times New Roman font when you merge.

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